’All we want to give you is our energy. By making music and handing it out to the world. We believe music is more than science. We lost the rules in order to create our own. From our hearts straight to yours.
Let’s give the night a new kind of light. With all the energy we have.’

Jonas & Rolf – INEKE

INEKE is an Amsterdam based dance music-duo, consisting of Rolf and Jonas. With a mix of techno, electro and funk you always feel cheerful with a dark touch. Be ready to party like you never did before, with the live-performance of INEKE.


So happy to inform that we have two brand new tracks coming up at two new labels. Donkey Records in The Netherlands signed Click and ADRO Records in Ukraine fell in love with Second Circus. It’s really happening! Soon on Beatport, iTunes and Spotify.

Take a good listen

Last weekend we played for an amazing crowd in De Helling in Utrecht. We feel thrilled things are getting better and better. Enjoy with us? Take a listen and hope to see you all soon.

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No upcoming shows scheduled

Past Shows

06 Jan 2017 Utrecht, NL De Helling De Helling
01 Jan 2017 Amsterdam, NL Nieuwjaarsdagverblijf, VLLA Nieuwjaarsdagverblijf, VLLA
26 Nov 2016 Rotterdam, NL Performance Bar Performance Bar
28 Oct 2016 Amsterdam, NL This = Hours This = Hours
21 Oct 2016 Amsterdam, NL INEKE @ ADE - tba INEKE @ ADE - tba
08 Oct 2016 Utrecht, NL Geknaekt Utrecht, with Reinier Zonneveld, RINGO LIVE Geknaekt Utrecht, with Reinier Zonneveld, RINGO LIVE
20 Aug 2016 Utrecht, NL Hoogzomer 2: Welcome to the jungle Hoogzomer 2: Welcome to the jungle
31 Jul 2016 Landgoed Velder Liempde, NL Beyond Beyond
18 Jun 2016 Amsterdam, NL Cinetol: Toekomstmuziek Two Year Anniversary Cinetol: Toekomstmuziek Two Year Anniversary
11 Jun 2016 Amsterdam, NL Voor Pampus: Official After Voor Pampus: Official After
04 Jun 2016 Arnhem, NL Free Your Mind Festival Free Your Mind Festival
27 Apr 2016 Amsterdam, NL Villa Kakelbont, VLLA Amsterdam Villa Kakelbont, VLLA Amsterdam
16 Apr 2016 Amsterdam, NL Geertje: De Allerlaatste Geertje: De Allerlaatste
16 Apr 2016 Epe, NL Thuis bij de Familie Presenteert: Ruig & Vuig Weekender Thuis bij de Familie Presenteert: Ruig & Vuig Weekender
02 Apr 2016 Amsterdam, NL Boy Scouts: Biefotro Claus Boy Scouts: Biefotro Claus
19 Mar 2016 Utrecht, NL Kapel Kapel
12 Dec 2015 Amsterdam, NL VLLA: INEKE'S B-DAY VLLA: INEKE'S B-DAY
26 Nov 2015 Amsterdam, NL Closure Closure
25 Sep 2015 Amsterdam, NL AmsterdamFM: Toekomstmuziek AmsterdamFM: Toekomstmuziek
04 Sep 2015 Bree, BE Betoeterd Festival Betoeterd Festival
15 Aug 2015 Zeewolde, NL Hamerfest Hamerfest
18 Jul 2015 Zandvoort, NL Strandverblijf, Safari Club Strandverblijf, Safari Club
11 Jul 2015 Amsterdam, NL Konijnen van Catan Konijnen van Catan
10 Jul 2015 Amsterdam, NL VLLA VLLA
03 Jul 2015 Harderwijk, NL Harablar Harablar
27 Jun 2015 Amsterdam, NL DhoemDhaam DhoemDhaam
13 Jun 2015 Amsterdam, NL Betoeterd Betoeterd
24 May 2015 Utrecht, NL Werf5 Werf5
28 Mar 2015 Amsterdam, NL VLLA VLLA
28 Feb 2015 Utrecht, NL Kapel Kapel
23 Jan 2015 Amsterdam, NL Rabbits Mad Habits Rabbits Mad Habits
01 Jan 2015 Utrecht, NL Werf5 Werf5
12 Dec 2014 Amsterdam, NL VLLA VLLA

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